UM and Zuyd critical of tertiary education's approach to internationalisation

Universitiet Maastricht (UM) still stands by the influx of enough international students into tertiary education. This is the educational institution's response to the Internationalisering in Balans bill, with which the outgoing cabinet aims to control the mass arrival of international students to the Netherlands.

This is because of the high pressure at a number of universities and cities in the Netherlands, where there is a shortage of teachers and student rooms. The number of subjects taught in English is also to be reduced.

UM says that if universities in border regions want to continue to make their contribution to the knowledge talent in the Netherlands, they must continue to make use of good international research and education, and that requires international talent, UM said.

Zuyd Hogeschool also responded. According to the higher education institution, too much focus is put on the negative consequences of internationalisation. Especially for universities of applied sciences (hogescholen), where Zuyd says there is no question of an unmanageable influx of students.

Read more about the Internationalisering in Balans bill at, the Rijksoverheid's website in English.