Tram dossier: €3 million soon back in Maastricht's purse

The Gemeente (Municipality) will see the €3 million back from Vlaanderen (Flanders), which it had previously paid as compensation to the Belgians when it was decided not to have the tram route end at the station, but at Mosae Forum. In the end, the tram was not realised because the Belgian government later pulled the plug on the project.

Minister Peeters from Belgium, according to wethouder John Aarts, who had a conversation with her last week, has indicated that the money will make its way to Maastricht.

Rest of the money
But then there is €19.6 million left in other costs incurred by the municipality in this project. In that, she also wants to hear a satisfactory proposal from the Vlamingen (Flemings), who are now unwilling to cough up the rest of the money. 

The administrative working group dealing with the tram, which includes delegates from the municipality, the province and Flanders, will meet in September to pass judgment on the disagreement. If the 2 parties still do not come to an agreement after that meeting, the case will be taken to court.