Toneelacademie and Conservatorium to relocate to Landbouwbelang site

In a few year's time, the Toneelacademie and Zuyd Hogeschool's Conservatorium will move to the site where the Landbouwbelang currently stands. This will finally clarify the new use of the site, which has been used as a cultural sanctuary for years.

The Toneelacademie (photo 1) is still on Lenculenstraat, while the Conservatorium (photo 2) is on Bonnefantenstraat. Rumours had been circulating for some time that both schools wanted to move together to one location.

Other functions

Space will also be created on the Landbouwbelang site for housing, catering and amenities focussed on sports and health. There will be student housing and owner-occupied flats. The area will be further connected to the river Maas, allowing everyone to explore the site. Terraces will be built on the roofs of the existing buildings and an accessible path will be laid leading to one of the characteristic cranes, on which a viewing point will be realised. An underground car park for residents will be built underneath.

Building plan

The original buildings of the Landbouwbelang from 1939 will otherwise be preserved. The clay halls added later make way for new buildings. A total of 3 towers will be built on the site.


The contract was awarded by the Gemeente to RO Groep, Vestio and Group Machiels. Construction will start in mid-2025. The project should be completed 2 years later.

Current users

With that, Landbouwbelang, as people have known it for the last 20 years, will come to an end. Users and residents will have to vacate the cultural hotbed.