The rampart wall will be restored this summer. Cost? Not (yet) known.

The decision has been made, the permit for the wall restoration is in and the tender can be put out. Cost? Still unknown.

So reports the wethouder responsible for the works, Frans Bastiaens. However, the permit for the reconstruction of the nearby De Vijf Koppen is not yet in. Nevertheless, Bastiaens is positive that it will follow soon.

It was decided to combine the tenders for the embankment wall and the De Vijf Koppen. The work will therefore be carried out immediately after one other. This will allow a better picture to be formed for the total cost of the restoration after those works.

During the many investigations carried out in recent years, since the collapse in 2019, it has become clear that the restoration is much more complex than previously thought.

This conclusion combined with the increased construction costs means that the costs will lead to an "additional financial task", according to the municipality. The full cost picture will therefore not be known until after the summer.

The intention is that preparatory work can start in the summer of 2023. It should be completed by the end of 2024.