Ten parties want more possibilities for 'wonen achter wonen'

Ten parties in the gemeenteraad (city council) want the stadsbestuur (city board) to examine whether the rules around 'wonen achter wonen' can be relaxed and the conditions made clearer. Especially now that demand for new housing is high.

'Wonen achter wonen' refers to the ability to build a house behind a main building where people are already living. For example in the garden of an already existing house. Now, the city board almost never cooperates with initiatives where this is the case, especially not in Maastricht's city centre. However, the exact conditions were never formally set by the council, but over the years, a guideline emerged for such applications.

CDA council member Mat BrĂ¼ll is now sounding the alarm. "The current guidelines cause confusion for both the  city council and the city. The city board should lay down the conditions to be assessed in applications for 'wonen achter wonen' in a uniform way. Especially now that more housing is needed in Maastricht due to the housing crisis."

The party is joined by D66, Volt, VVD, Senioren Partij, Partij Veilig Maastricht, PvdA, SAB, SP and M:OED.