Grant for large-scale study for MUMC+ research on heart-lung machine

There will be a large-scale study on the use of a heart-lung machine for life-threatening conditions. For this, researchers at Maastricht UMC+ will receive a grant of USD$140,000, awarded by the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation (ISHLT).


When a patient is suffering from a condition that affects the functioning of the heart or lungs, they can receive support from the heart-lung machine. The machine takes over the function of both organs temporarily. Sometimes for a few hours, but in other cases even for weeks.


The researchers will map the functionality of the machine among a group of patients in more than 20 hospitals across Europe. This should reveal how certain complications occur, how the function of the heart and lungs develops and how patients recover. In the future, it should also be easier to predict which patients really benefit from using the machine.