Stricter rules for nachtwinkels off the table

The plan to ban nachtwinkels (night shops) from selling alcohol after 22:00 is off the table. The shops would lose too much turnover as a result and suffer from competition from delivery services that do deliver alcohol after 22:00.

Other plans
An earlier council proposal on this subject was discussed and will be amended. Other decision points that were part of a new policy on night shops will also not progress. Such as the injunction to only allow customers to pay by debit card and to have at least 2 staff members present in the shop.

Opening hours
Furthermore, night shops will still be allowed to stay open until 02:00 on Sunday, and there will be an official provision that they can sell other items besides alcohol and food items.

New exemptions
The exemptions that apply to a night shop have a 5-year limit. Operators who currently have an exemption will keep it until 2027. In that year, there will be another round of tenders for night shops.

Ronald van den Hoven