Stoof Maastricht review by Tracey Taylor

It is wonderful when new enterprises open in the city – particularly ones that are food related. Maastricht is already established as the culinary capital of Limburg (dare we say, the Netherlands?!) and one of the newest eateries in town is Stoof Maastricht. Our Culinary Correspondent, Tracey Taylor, went to find out more…

It’s always a brave move to start-up a business – and certainly while living with Covid-19 – but this didn’t deter local entrepreneurs John and Zef when they opened the doors of Stoof Maastricht in February 2021.

Stoof (meaning stew in English) is a centuries old dish and renowned comfort food.

'When the restaurants in Maastricht had to adapt to home delivery and take-away only menus', says John, 'we noticed that stew was not being offered and that there was a gap in the market'.

It seems this keen observation has paid off as Stoof Maastricht has developed quite the following over the past number of months and already gained the reputation for delicious dishes with authentic flavours… along with some mighty good bread-rolls served on the side.

It’s well-known that a good stew takes time to prepare but many folks simply don’t have this luxury so Stoof Maastricht offers the perfect solution with their 'think smart, cook slow' approach… they take care of the preparation so all you have to do is enjoy the finished product!

'We make all our stews using traditional ingredients that are locally sourced or are fair-trade products' says Zef, 'and everything is made without the addition of preservatives or E numbers' he adds.

Indeed, Stoof Maastricht is all about natural goodness and the purest of products. And this doesn’t just apply to their meat, chicken, or fish-based stews… the same care is also put into the vegetarian/vegan options on the menu.

We were kindly provided with a selection of taster pots (made from FSC certified & compostable/recyclable paper) and I can confirm that the (veggie) Mushroom stew and Jackfruit stew were truly yummy – generously filled and with a lovely texture and inviting aroma. Moreish indeed! My 'tasting partner' got to try the Vlaams Zuurvlees and Ragout van Kippedij and confirmed that they were equally tasty… so indeed, all taster pots were duly devoured!

But what is next for this local business? As we move into autumn and winter, it’s fair to say that Stoof Maastricht will further increase its popularity (stews do tend to be associated with the colder months), but it doesn’t stop there.

'We are already thinking ahead' says John, 'and will soon add some (light) pasta and curry dishes to our menu which will also be something to enjoy once spring and summer come around!'

Next to that, John and Zef are investigating options for a new location to allow them to further expand and deliver the best possible service to the people of Maastricht and the surrounding areas.

'We are also thinking about branching-out and offering the Stoof Maastricht menu to other cities in Limburg too' says Zef.

Indeed, it seems there are exciting times ahead for Stoof Maastricht and I for one wish them ongoing success!

Stoof Maastricht

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Tracey Taylor lives in Maastricht with Dave and their cat, Little Tubbs. Tracey is Irish, an aspiring photographer and a writer and blogger. She also sings in a local choir.