Solar panels on Lanakerveld on the way despite minister's intentions

The stadsbestuur (city board) is no longer going to stop the plan to install zonnepanelen (solar panels) on Lanakerveld. Partij Veilig Maastricht, PVV and PvdA wanted to know if this was still a possibility.

Legal fix
This because of the plans of outgoing Minister voor Klimaat en Energie (Minister for Climate and Energy) Rob Jetten. He wants it to be legally laid down that placing solar panels in nature reserves or on agricultural land is excluded as much as possible.

Other use of land
However, wethouder John Aarts informs that the company that will develop the zonneweide (solar park) is already far advanced with these plans and has therefore already spent millions. Moreover, in 2003 the zoning of the land had already been changed to 'Uit te werken bedrijventerrein Lanakerveld', meaning that on paper it was already no longer arable land, the wethouder said.