Smart traps work in De Heeg too: over 1,000 rats removed

The 'smart' rat traps that Gemeente Maastricht has placed in De Heeg (south east Maastricht) since summer 2022 are estimated to have reduced the rat population by more than 1,000. The traps will soon be relocated.

Residents in De Heeg were suffering from rats in several areas. After a successful pilot in Nazareth in which a new type of rat trap was deployed, it has been employed in De Heeg since last summer. The smart rat trap is mounted in the drains of the sewers. Sensors ensure that when a rat passes underneath, it is killed quickly. The dead rat is then disposed of by the sewage system.

Almost no rats have been caught above ground in De Heeg, the Gemeente informs. The number of reports from the streets where the traps were placed has dropped sharply. After placement of the traps, there was only a single report this year in the period between January and July, compared to 17 in the same time last year. Besides the smart traps, some other measures have also contributed to success, reports said. These include paying attention to litter on the streets and residents helping by keeping it tidy in and around their homes and gardens, the Gemeente said.

In December, traps will be moved to other parts of the neighbourhood according to a rotation system. This will make it possible to estimate in a few years' time how many smart rat traps are needed to keep Maastricht's sewers rat-free.

There will be an information evening on the continuation of rat control for residents of De Heeg on Thursday 23 November from 19.00-20.30.

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