Scharn west to have combiparkeren

Combiparkeren (combined parking) will soon be introduced in the western part of Scharn in Maastricht.

Combined parking means that both permit holders and motorists with a parking ticket from the parking meter are allowed to park in the on-street parking spaces.This involves residents of the neighbourhood getting a parking permit for €4.15 per month, visitors buying a €1.50-per-hour ticket from a parking meter.

Combined parking, which Gemeente Maastricht is rolling out across more and more neighbourhoods in the city, is being introduced because Scharn, too, is experiencing increasing demand for parking spaces.

Gemeente Maastricht

However, the planned measure is not entirely uncontroversial. Residents on Vrijheidslaan, Gerechtigheidslaan and Vredeslaan, where combi parking will not apply, fear that their streets will become more crowded. They would rather see combined parking take effect for the entire neighbourhood. The municipality said it will take the opinions of the neighbourhood into account in a final decision. The plan is to introduce combined parking before the summer.