Resistance continues: crowdfunding against biomass power plant

Stichting Milieu front Eijsden, in collaboration with a number of environmental organisations such as Milieudefensie Maastricht, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to litigate against the arrival of a biomass power plant in Lixhe, just across the border in Belgium.

The environmental organisation plans to take legal action, but needs money to do so.

The Commune Visé (Municipality of Visé), of which Lixhe is part, has granted the Bee Green Wallonie energy company a permit to build a biomass plant on the site of cement producer CBR.

According to Milieudefensie, this could have serious consequences for local residents: "Since the south-westerly is the dominant wind direction, harmful emissions from the said plant will end up, especially on the Dutch side of the Maas, between Visé (B) and Maastricht," Milieudefensie said.

There has been commotion about the biomass power plant for some time. For instance, Gemeente Maastricht, together with Gemeente Eijsden-Margraten, is litigating at the Raad van Staat (Council of State) in Belgium against the arrival of the biomass plant. They too fear the impact the wood-burning furnace just across the border will have on the environment and health.