Repair Café Maastricht

Repair Café Maastricht helps repair broken things. Thinking about throwing it away? You may not have to just yet...

The Repair Café is an independent non-profit organisation located in Werkhuis Maastricht. The aim of the Repair Café is to help repair broken things and raise awareness of reducing waste. In addition, it is an organisation that aims to increase social connectivity between residents in Maastricht.

The Repair Café is open on the last Saturday afternoon of each month from 14:00-17:00 and freely accessible. A willing and very able team of volunteers stand at the ready fully equipped to help.

If you have an appliance or household item that doesn't seem to work anymore or is playing up, let the Repair Café team know that you're coming by clicking on "Aanmelden" on their online page and send them an email detailing your requirements.

Any volantary contributions are greatly appreciated.

Otherwise you can reach them via: