Renovation of Maastricht Aachen Airport runway in full swing

'An enormous job', that's what they call it at the Maastricht Aachen Airport (MAA) worksite. The airport has been closed since Monday to renovate the runway. A complicated job that must be finished before the end of June.

"Yes, there is a lot involved," says Marcel Hendrikx, project manager for runway renovation at MAA. "After all, it is not just a matter of renewing the asphalt layer. That will be laid in one go on 10 June. Of course, new marking lines have to be placed, there is sewer work involved, and the lighting has to be renewed." Experts from all over the country that have previously carried out renovation work at other airports in the Netherlands are contributing. "The tender was put out a long time ago. So we have enough manpower," Hendrikx said.

Dozens of detailed drawings are displayed in the construction huts on the site. "Everything here runs according to a tight schedule. This is very necessary because the first plane is scheduled to land on 1 July," says Hendrikx.

Soon, images from a webcam will be available via the airport's website – where a lot of information about the renovation can already be found. Then everyone will be able to witness how the work is progressing. The re-opening will follow on 30 June. Details on the official re-opening will be communicated soon.