Raad does not have the €2.7 million to rehouse Landbouwbelang

The Socialistische Partij's (SP) proposal to give €2.7 million to Landbouwbelang – the cultural free zone – to relocate was voted down by the raad (council).

The proposal received 5 votes in favour and 32 against.

Wethouder Frans Bastiaens stated that it was not clear where the size of the amount came from. "Why not much more, or much less?" he wondered last week.

According to petitioner and raadslid (council member) Stephanie Blom (SP), €2.7 million, is 10 per cent of the municipality's positive result.

The users of the Landbouwbelang have to leave the current location on the Maas, because the municipality wants to establish the Toneelacademie  and Conservatorium there. This will put an end to the Landbouwbelang as we know it after 20 years of operation on that site.