Possibility of multifunctional use of school buildings and school playgrounds investigated

Schoolgebouwen (school buildings) and schoolpleinen (school playgrounds) should also be able to be used for other functions and activities in the relevant neighbourhood.

On Tuesday the gemeenteraad (municipal council) agreed to a plan by local chapters of political parties PvdA and D66 to investigate the possibilities of realising this.

Buildings no longer in use
It should also look at which school buildings are no longer in use for education, but have been given another social function. It will then be investigated how these functions can be secured for the longer term and thus not just temporary in nature.

Pupil decline
PvdA and D66 submitted this plan because no municipal vision is ready on how a school building, whether still in use or not, can be used sustainably for multiple purposes, and this at a time when Maastricht is struggling with pupil decline and there are a number of empty school buildings.

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