Politicians want mandatory permit requirement for events with animals

Animals can be entertaining. In the circus, a nativity scene or at a falconry show. However whether it is so much fun for the animals themselves is something the Partij voor de Dieren, GroenLinks, Socialistische Partij (SP) and Liberale Partij Maastricht have their doubts about.

Natural animal behaviour
Indeed, natural animal behaviour at these kinds of events is often out of the question, and that violates the Wet Dieren (Animals Act) and their welfare, the parties believe. They would like to see Maastricht, like some other municipalities such as Leiden, Den Haag and Arnhem, require a permit for events using animals.

Permit requirement
Committing to more animal welfare is part of the coalition agreement, they argue. The parties are therefore asking the stadsbestuur (city council) to enter into talks with organisers of events with animals, and to look into appropriate regulations and perhaps, therefore, mandatory permits.