Play commemorating d'Artagnan

A large musical and theatrical piece will be performed at the end of June on the grounds of the former Tapijn barracks to commemorate the 350th anniversary of the death of musketeer d'Artagnan. He lost his life at the Tongersepoort on 25 June 1673 during the siege of Maastricht.

‘Le tombeau d'Artagnan’ is similar to the spectacle as it took place in 2019 on Koningsplein, commemorating 75 years of liberation. Several well-known but also young actors are participating in the costume spectacle. Limburg tenor Pascal Pittie plays the role of Louis XIV and there is also a special guest appearance by burgemeester Penn-te Strake. Music will be played by the brass band Sint Petrus en Paulus from Wolder and a real canon will also be fired.

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