Plans to extend Schipol Airport night train to Aachen (DE) and Liège (BE)

A proposal by the provincial chapter of national political party D66 to extend the weekly night train from Maastricht to Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam to Aachen (DE) and Liège (BE) was unanimously adopted by the Provinciale Staten (Provincial Council) on Friday.

This means that the provinciebestuur (provincial board) must now start investigating the feasibility of this with provincial public transport provider Arriva. According to the proposal, extra night connections would allow more Limburgers to experience the nightlife and cultural offerings on the other side of the border, and vice versa.

However, Gedeputeerde cultuur, mobiliteit en landbouw (provincial minister for culture, mobility and agriculture) Jasper Kuntzelaers immediately tempered expectations. Stating the Provincie cannot force any transport changes on Arriva.

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