Plans revised: all tracks at Maastricht central train station may go underground

"Boven het Spoor": (Above the Rail Track), the plan by architect Jo Coenen and economist Luc Soete to put underground tracks around Maastricht's central train station, is too expensive. Rail operator ProRail commissioned a study to find out how much the plan, which would remove the barrier of an above-ground track between Wyck and Maastricht-Oost, would cost. And that came out at €1.4 billion.

Too much for Maastricht to cover the costs. The benefits are mainly for the city itself, but not necessarily for ProRail, which is looking for improvements for rail connections.

That is why Coenen and Soete are now embarking on a follow-up plan, in which Maastricht's central train station will be the new international hub for trains. One possibility here is to bring all tracks underground in this case. The tunnel will then be two-layer, but shorter underground.

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