OVpay to be rolled out across Limburg

From this month, passengers can check in and out on Arriva regional buses in Limburg using a contactless debit or credit card or their wallet on their smartphone.

The new forms of payment are being phased in by the joint public transport companies and Translink under the umbrella name OVpay. 

In the vast majority of the Netherlands, it is already possible to travel in this way. At the end of January, this new form of payment was introduced in Arriva's trains in Limburg.

Travelling with a debit card is the same as with the OV-chipkaart only if you travel in second class, without discounts or season tickets. It is important to use the same debit or credit card both when checking in and checking out. A plastic debit/credit card and the smartphone wallet are seen as 2 separate passes, even if they are linked to the same bank account.

If you want to access your discounted travel, season ticket, travel first class or use other offers, use your OV-chipkaart.

To find out more about OVpay (in English) head to the OVpay website.

E.M. Power