Opinions on autoluw Wyck strongly divided, (yet) another questionnaire to come

Whether or not to make Wyck autoluw (Low Traffic) has been a topic of discussion for a long time. An information evening in which people were invited to give their opinions via a form showed the following: 29 for; 21 against. But you could also vote by mail which showed: 19 for; 36 against. This result makes it difficult for the Gemeente and the local businesses’ association.

According to Hans Bours from the businesses’ association Ondernemend Wyck, there is also division in the association. Bours realises, however, that something has to happen and increasing the provision of “green” is an important reason to act. "We agree that something has to be done, the road to it is difficult," he said.

In the hope of achieving a break-through in the divided opinions, the Gemeente is to initiate research by means of a house-to-house questionnaire.

On the basis of the results delivered, the Gemeente hopes to come up with 3 or 4 scenarios which they can propose to Wyck residents and businesses.