Opel garage to be put to cultural use

The former Opel garage on de Griend will be given a cultural use. According to Servatius' property director, the housing corporation has owned the property on Franciscus Romanusweg for about 20 years. For years, the question was what was going to happen to it. Now, there's a solution, even if it is (still) only temporary.

This was reported by Gemeente Maastricht, Servatius and other organisations participating in the plan on Tuesday afternoon.

That temporary has mainly to do with the fact that Servatius still does not know what they want to do with the building. Therefore, a temporary cultural filling will now be put in place, which should last about 10 years. For instance, De Stadsnomade will find their new home there, as well as the Werkgebouw, both of which are also located on the Tapijn site. Another participant is Foodbank Maastricht, which is currently located in the Landbouwbelang. "There is still a lot to do, but we are happy to continue here. Until now, we didn't know anything for sure," Borut Vovsek informed.

The current intention is that the property could open in April 2024.