Neighbours of Kruisheren hotel go to court 'Gemeente refuses to provide information'

A group of local residents who live adjacent to the Kruisherenhotel have gone to court because, according to them, Gemeente Maastricht refuses to provide information. 

The local residents want to enforce through the court that they still receive all requested information. The judge has also been asked to impose a penalty for every day the Gemeente does not send the information to the local residents.

Woo request
On 3 August, the local residents filed a request under the Wet open overheid (Woo, Open Government Act). With this request, they requested all correspondence and documents from February 1 onwards about the construction plans. Despite a reminder from local residents, the Gemeente has not provided said correspondence.

Deadline not met
In a response, the Gemeente confirmed that they did not meet the deadline. According to a spokesperson from Gemeente Maastricht, this has to do with the fact that the Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed (Cultural Heritage Agency) had to be involved.

Handling Woo request
The issue, according to the spokesperson, is that "the Gemente failed to communicate this to the petitioner." A ray of hope, according to the spokesperson, is that the Gemeente is heading towards a 14 November deadline for dealing with the Woo request. By then, the petitioners should receive the requested information from the Gemeente.

Not transparent
The local residents would like an insight into the course of events surrounding the building plans. According to them, the Gemeente has gone back on urban planning positions they have laid out in the past.

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