Milieuzone bicycle protest

On Saturday 18 March, Milieuzone Maastricht will hold a bicycle protest together with Maastricht For Climate and Fietsersbond Maastricht. The protest calls attention to accelerating the arrival of a milieuzone (low emission zone), which is an area where the most polluting vehicles are banned. The organisations also want to draw attention to the daily disruptions of traffic in the city and the health consequences of polluted air in Maastricht.

The protest will start at 16:00 and depart from the Markt. The group of cyclists will then visit various hotspots in the city and speak to neighbourhood representatives about the points of concern. The bicycle protest will end at 18:00 at the entrance to the Gemeente Maastricht Raadzaal (the municipal council chamber) on Gubbelstraat.

According to these environmental organisations, harmful emissions from traffic in Maastricht are often 6 times higher than the World Health Organisation (WHO) standard. This is why these organisations want a low emission zone to be established in the town centre, which will eventually be extended.