Magisch Maastricht to open 1 day earlier this year

Magisch Maastricht will open a day earlier than planned this year, as early as 30 November. This is because the winter event has been given an extra day by the stadsbestuur (city council).

This was possible because Festival Maas!, a new festival held for the second time this year in Maastricht's city centre, would not end up occupying the entire Vrijthof for 2 days after all. This event only needs half the Vrijthof. When an event needs the whole square, it counts as 1 day within the 60-day norm. This is the maximum number of total days in 1 year that events may take place on the Vrijthof.

Granting an extra day to Magisch Maastricht brings the total number of event days on Maastricht's most famous square to 59 this year. Magisch Maastricht was allocated 32 days, Preuvenemint 4 days, the Rieu concerts 12 days, the fairground 10 and Koningsdag 1. That all excludes build-up and breakdown days and events that do not occupy the entire Vrijthof.