Magisch Maastricht: great results, but still fewer visitors than pre-pandemic

Like in previous years, the municipality has investigated the opinions of visitors on Magisch Maastricht. The report was published last week and shows, amongst other things, that the event is highly appreciated, but that there are still fewer international visitors than before the pandemic.

Number of expected visitors increases

An 8 out of 10 is the average rating of the event last year. This is a small decrease compared to the 2 previous years (-0,2). Despite this, the number of people that expect to visit Magisch Maastricht again next year has increased significantly: this year, 68% of the visitors have indicated that they will visit the event again next year, compared to 64% in 2021 and 53% in 2019. 

A total of 1 in 4 surveyed visitors indicated what they miss in the event or which points of improvement they would like to see. A bigger Christmas tree, an expansion of the number of events, more diversity in the stalls and less expensive are mentioned most often. 

More expenses

More money was spent during Magisch Maastricht 2022 than in previous years. All expenses added up, the average visitor spent €205 this year, compared to €103 in 2021 and €157 in 2019. The increase compared to 2021 is likely partly due to the fact that the event had to close at 17:00 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Another possible reason is the (high) inflation that has caused all prices to rise significantly.

Number of international visitors not yet on pre-pandemic level

The amount of non-residents surveyed (22%) is higher than last year (13%), but is still not close to the level surveyed pre-pandemic (40%). Possible explanations for the lower number of non-resident visitors in 2021 could be the high level of Covid-19 cases in the Netherlands during that time, the late decision-making regarding the continuation of Magisch Maastricht, and the fact that the event was only open until 17:00. 

Ronald van den Hoven

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