Maastricht not involved in next phase of wietexperiment

Maastricht will not participate in the preparatory phase of the national wietexperiment (state-run cannabis trials). Burgemeester Annemarie Penn-te Strake reported this to the council, following a letter from the minister.

The cannabis trial is intended to ensure that a select group of growers can produce their products legally, after which coffeeshops will sell them. A coffeeshop is an establishment in the Netherlands where cannabis is sold. Alcoholic drinks are not allowed to be sold or consumed in coffeeshops.

In the start-up phase, the main focus will be on the processes and systems, but also on the secure transport for the weed and hash. The lessons that will be learned can then be used in the actual launch, sometime in 2024.

Breda and Tilburg will be involved in the start-up phase of the experiment. Local political party D66 Maastricht says it is a missed opportunity that Maastricht is now not included. The party fears that support for the plan will diminish if a start is not made soon.

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