Maastricht has most security cameras in the province

Maastricht has the most registered security cameras of any city in the province of Limburg. This is according to research by VPNGids (in Dutch), a website dedicated to themes such as online privacy and cyber security.

There are a total of 1,545 cameras. That's 27.2 per square kilometre. Per square kilometre, that is 4 times as many compared to Limburg's average. Nationally, that figure is 9.3.

That there are so many security cameras in Maastricht has a positive effect, according to burgemeester (mayor) Annemarie Penn-te Strake. "We have no major violent crimes or terrible robberies in homes. Because of these many cameras, you can't do so much in public spaces anymore. After all, a little criminal really knows where cameras hang," the mayor said during an extensive interview with RTV Maastricht.

In the top 3 with most cameras in Limburg, Maastricht is followed by Venlo (1,472) and Sittard-Geleen (1,221). Valkenburg, with 33 registered cameras, has the lowest number in Limburg.

Incidentally, the actual number of cameras is probably higher. Not all private individuals and companies have yet re-registered their cameras at the end of last year. This despite the request of the police.