Maastricht has highest tourist tax in Limburg

The conclusion of recent research is that people visiting Maastricht have to pay the highest tourist tax in the whole Limburg province. In our city, you have to pay a €4,56 fee for a hotel room. Roermond comes 2nd on the list, with €3,12. In Vaals, number 3, it is €2,56.

Hotel room

The research was done for a comparison website for bungalow parks. Researchers booked a hotel room in each municipality for one night during the peak season. The average tourist tax for Limburg is €1,87 per night per person. This is a relatively low amount, as the national average tax is €2,16. 

Tourist tax

You have to pay a tourist tax when you are spending the night at a place where you are not registered. The tax are meant to compensate municipalities for the costs that tourism brings along.