Maastricht buildings in Lego auctioned for charity

A unique collaboration between Venduehuis Dickhaut (Dickhaut auction house) and the Kinder onderzoekfonds Limburg (children's research fund Limburg) will begin during TEFAF 2023. For the first time, the auction house will auction 4 model Lego properties donated to the Kinder onderzoekfonds Limburg.
The proceeds will of course go to the Kinder onderzoekfonds Limburg. This is also the start of a new form of fundraising for the fund that supports medical scientific research at Maastricht UMC+, so that sick children can be treated earlier and better. From now on, donors can also donate goods to the fund, which will then be auctioned by Dickhaut.

Of course, the goods must meet the auction house's applicable contribution standards, but paintings, jewellery or furniture once obtained from family and friends or from an inheritance that does not fit can now be used to give every child a healthy start.

The Stadhuis (photo 1) can be viewed from 8 March at the MECC, while the other 3 buildings, La Bonne Femme (photo 2), De Hoofdwacht (photo 3) and Hoogbrugstraat 69 (photo 4), can be seen at Dickhaut auction house on Bredestraat in Wyck.

Bids on the unique Lego houses can be made between 11 and 13 March through the Venduehuis Dickhaut website.