Local parties want action following municipal figures on fireworks

The figures recently published by the municipality on the sharply increased fireworks damage during last New Year's Eve have led to questions from several political parties. They feel it is high time for action.

According to the recently published figures, fireworks caused €43,590 in damage last year, which is more than twice as much as the year before that. Political party GroenLinksquestions this. They think that the damage was even bigger, because the city council only mentions the public damages that belong to the municipality, while there are also undoubtedly private properties that have been destroyed. Most of all, they want to know why the municipality is only mentioning the damages but does not speak about possible solutions. 


In a joint letter fromPartij voor de Dieren, GroenLinks and Socialistische Partij (SP), they ask the stadsbestuur (city council) if they will start using the online hotline that was created by Partij voor de Dieren last year. Weeks before News Years' Eve, residents could already use this hotline to report firework-related incidents. Information from the hotline would make enforcement on fireworks use much easier – the parties argue.

Breeding season

There are also concerns about the upcoming time when many planned festivities involving fireworks could start disrupting the breeding season. The parties would like to know which of these types of events will get permits from the province again this year.

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