Lanakerveld zonneweide delayed and substantially more expensive

The zonneweide (solar park) that is is planned for Lanakerveld, the construction of which was supposed to start this month, has been delayed. It is also likely to be considerably more expensive than previously thought.

So reports responsible wethouder John Aarts in a letter to the council.

Energy grid
The solar park must be connected to the main grid, for which initiator Sunvest works together with grid manager Enexis. Ground surveys have been carried out for this purpose.

Different type of drill
These investigations now show that gravel, boulders and marl are present in the ground, requiring a different type of drill that is considerably more expensive. In the coming period, Sunvest will therefore examine whether cost savings are possible. This can be done, for instance, by using a different kind of drill. All this means that the whole project will be delayed by about 3 to 6 months. Maastricht residents who have joined the initiative will be informed, according to the wethouder.

Solar panels
A total of 104,000 solar panels will be installed on the former arable land. This will enable energy to be generated for 22,500 Maastricht households.

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