Hans travelled to Ukraine 3 times with relief supplies: "Everything came to a standstill"

It was February 2022 when Hans Daams saw Russia's invasion of Ukraine on television. "Everything else came to a standstill," he says. So it wasn't long before Hans decided to do something.

World War II

According to the Maastricht native, his motivation to want to do something came from his mother and grandfather. They were active in the resistance during World War II.

Through his network, he came into contact with a British organisation bringing relief supplies in convoys to Ukraine. It wasn't long before he decided to join them. Hans has now been to Ukraine 3 times, once close to the front.


In all his experience so far, Hans never felt fear: "It would only become dangerous if you start exceeding your own logic," the 68-year-old reasoned.

Longer period

Hans returned from his latest trip to Ukraine a few days ago, but is already planning the next one. He wants to stay in Ukraine for a longer period of 30 days to help people.

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