Gemeente asks residents not to mow, yet cuts grass itself

The Maai Mei Niet (Don't mow in May) campaign, which asked Maastricht residents to let the grass grow last month, was aimed at private gardens. Some unrest arose after it emerged that the Gemeente did continue to maintain greenery in the city as usual and did not participate in the campaign itself.

Wethouder Hubert Mackus explained that the Gemente does have to mow. Public lawns have to be mowed all year round because the grass should not grow too high due to traffic and safety reasons. Floral grassland is additionally mowed twice a year, coincidentally once in May.

With the Maai Mei Niet campaign, the initiators of the action hoped that flowers will have a chance to grow in the lawns, which in turn is good for insects, which are apparently not doing well in 2023.