FVD want mosasaurus remains back in Maastricht

The local chapter of Forum for Democratie wants to bring the Mosasaurus, found in Maastricht in 1778, back to our city. The remains of the beast were taken to Paris by the French as looted art after the Beleg van Maastricht (Siege of Maastricht) in 1794.

Looted art
The return of looted art is currently very topical. For example, the Netherlands is now going to return works of art to Indonesia and Sri Lanka, according to newspaper Trouw today.

Forum notes that the Mosasaur in the Museum national d'Histoire naturelle in Paris is one of millions of pieces there. For the Natuurhistorisch Museum in Maastricht, the skeleton would become the crowd puller.

Chapter Chair Bram Nab wants to instruct the stadsbestuur (city board), in cooperation with the Kabinet, to enter into talks with the French to bring the Mosasaurus back to the city where it was found. On Tuesday in the council meeting, it will become clear whether the proposal can count on a majority.