Focus on fountains was keeping them running, not upkeep

For too long, the focus on fountains in Maastricht was on keeping the fountain systems running. Necessary replacements and renovations were delayed and omitted. This is Gemeente Maastricht's response to questions from local political party PvdA, which inquired why the fountains have not been serviced for almost 2 decades.

As a result, their condition has deteriorated. The fountains will not jet this year as they are all undergoing maintenance this summer. The most iconic fountains and those what are necessary for the water quality of an adjoining pond have priority.

Rondom een zuil zijn vijf hand-in-hand staande carnavalsvierders uitgebeeld: twee vrouwen, twee mannen en een kind. Boven hen rondom de zuil de tekst "hwat uuch vas". Hawt uuch vas! ontwerp: Frans Gast, 1978 Vijf gemaskerde carnavalsfiguren dansen hand in hand rond deze spetterende fontein. Het kunstwerk werd geplaatst ter gelegenheid van het 125-jarig bestaan van de Spaarbank Maastricht. Plaquèt in 2009 aongebooje door: Veldeke Vastelaovendscabberèt Ronald van den Hoven

Photo: "Hawt uuch vas!" (hold on tight) fountain on the Vrijthof. Designed by Frans Gast, 1978. Five masked carnival figures dance hand in hand around the fountain. The artwork was installed to occasion of the 125th anniversary of Spaarbank Maastricht