Energietoeslag extended: also for incomes up to 130 per cent of the minimum

Gemeente Maastricht is going to pay out the remainder of the energietoeslag, an allowance for higher energy costs, this month. Households that received an advance of €500 last year will receive another €800 this year. People applying for the supplement for the first time will receive €1,300.

Households with an income up to 130 per cent of the social minimum will receive the allowance this year. This is an expansion, as in 2022 the allowance was only available to people with an income of up to 120 per cent of the . This extension is possible because the municipality had state money left over for energy poverty, writes Wethouder Anita Bastiaans.

Dutch students are excluded for the scheme. However, under certain conditions, they may be eligible for a one-off payment of €400 from the Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (education implementation service, DUO). The Gemeente is setting up another scheme for non-Dutch students on a limited income. More will be known about this in December.

Households that received the allowance last year will receive the extra funds automatically. People with an income between 120 and 130 per cent of the minimum or people new to the city who did not receive anything last year can apply via the Sociale Zaken Maastricht Heuvelland website (in Dutch) from the beginning of December.

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