Double standards in vrijdagmarkt trial rearrangement

A trial set-up for a rearrangement of the vrijdagmarkt (Friday market) last week did not please everyone. A fish stall stood right in front of the entrance to some terraces, and that went down the wrong way with catering entrepreneurs.

Access for emergency services
They noted that this trial rearrangement left hardly any room for emergency services to pass through in case of an emergency. Previously, the same catering businesses were fined for displaying billboards outside the area for which they have a terrace licence. By doing so, they obstructed the passage of, for example, the fire brigade, enforcement claimed, according to a catering entrepreneur in Boschstraat.

Double standards
Double standards, said local political party Partij Veilig Maastricht in a letter to the stadsbestuur (city board). However, the board argued that the fines had been given specifically for displaying the signs incorrectly. However, the Gemeente (Municipality) does not address the claim that accessibility for emergency services was not sufficient in the trial display.

The city board informs that the trial display, which was in effect only last week, is still being evaluated before a new, final display is established.