Deutschlandticket will not be introduced in Maastricht

The 'Deutschlandticket' will not be introduced in our city. This ticket issued in Germany allows unlimited use of regional trains and buses across the country for €49 a month.

Local political party Volt thought it was a good idea to introduce this here too, in the buses and trains running between Maastricht and Aachen. The Deutschlandticket is already a reality on routes between German cities and the Dutch province of Overijssel in the north east of the Netherlands.

Difference with Overijssel

However, there is a crucial difference, wethouder John Aarts reports. The train services in Overijssel are from a German carrier and largely run in Germany. As the German government compensates for the lost revenue through the cheaper ticket, Provincie Overijssel has agreed to financially cover the area that the German train runs across Dutch territory.

Dutch territory

The bus and train between Aachen and Maastricht are run by to Dutch public transport provider Arriva and run largely in the Netherlands. That means the compensation in the province of Limburg is much higher than in Overijssel, which is not desirable. Furthermore, Provincie Limburg has already indicated it is not interested in introducing the ticket in Limburg.