De Baron cocktail club review by Tracey Taylor

There is an impressive building proudly occupying a corner of the historic Vrijthof square in Maastricht. Behind its tall windows and lofty doors, you will find the city’s first cocktail club.

With an incredible interior, terrific tunes, superb staff, and classy concoctions, this is Maastricht at its finest. This is, De Baron.

*De Baron closed their doors on 15 October 2022 and are looking for a new location. As soon as they reopen we will publish their new details on this website and on our @newsmaastricht social media channels.

Call me old-fashioned

In 1760, a formidable chap named Hobbe Esaias Baron von Aylva (known as “the Baron”) held the role of Governor of Maastricht and founded a high-class private gentlemen’s club called “Le Société de Maestricht” - the first of its kind in the Netherlands.

Fast forward a few hundred years and when word got around that the owners of the building were looking to retire, it prompted keen interest from local businesses and entrepreneurs alike as curiosity about the future of the location and its wealth of history took hold.

Interior of De Baron cocktail club featuring chairs, sideboard and furnishings Tracey Taylor

Worth a shot

Following a series of proposals from various parties, it was a team of young and dynamic entrepreneurs who “won” the bid to take over the space as an event location. 

Daniel Stravers and brother Jerome, together with close friend Michiel Stollenwerck are the co-founders and visionaries behind De Baron… and along with Head of Mixology, Jimmi Janssen they have assembled quite the team.

The concept of a cocktail club was something new for Maastricht, and we were thrilled that our idea to create a series of small living rooms where one could enjoy a drink in a cozy lounge atmosphere was so well-received.

• Daniel

The team at De Baron was eager to work closely with the owners of the property to preserve the integrity of the building and keep its history alive and even though they revamped the space to make it their own, the original charm and style has been retained and the final result is simply stunning.

On the rocks

In 2019, De Baron Cocktail Club was born but sadly, celebrations were short-lived due to Covid-19. However, entrepreneurs think in solutions so they powered-through and “Oester Baron” (alcohol-free cocktails and oysters) came about and helped fill the gap (and customers tummies!) for several months.

Although shucking oysters and serving drinks through a window was fine for a while - and helped keep the location visible during lockdown life - it was wonderful when coronavirus measures were lifted, and eager patrons could venture indoors instead.

Tracey Taylor interviewing Daniel Stravers inside cocktail club De Baron on the Vrijthof in Maastricht Tracey Taylor

Cocktail o'clock

De Baron Cocktail Club strives to keep things fresh and with a menu that changes every few weeks, you will always find something new and interesting to enjoy. From cocktail classics to spirits... From bubbles to wine…

We want people to be surprised and experience something different when they enjoy one of our drinks, and of course presentation is also key.

• Daniel

From creating new combinations to shaking-up their signature cocktails (In love with Ibiza and Purple Rain) with Jimmi (Head of Mixology) you can be sure you are in good hands!

De Baron logo burnt into lemon peel floating in a glass of ice at De Baron cocktail club on the Vrijthof in Maastricht Tracey Taylor

We love to serve

Another vital ingredient for De Baron is hospitality and the caliber of its staff, and this is what helps set the club apart. 

You can train anyone to walk around with a tray and deliver a drink, but what we are looking for is the right personality and a good interaction with our guests. That is what makes the difference.

• Daniel

Indeed, there is a high standard maintained in terms of the cocktails and drinks served at De Baron and although the team is looking into the option of small bites and complementary foods, this will only happen when they have found the right level of quality.

Club life

De Baron Cocktail Club is spread across the ground floor, but a key function of the location is to also be a social club for private events. In fact, it is possible to not only rent the Andre Rieu room (a bright and beautifully renovated space on the first floor) for small parties or business events, but to also “hire” the actual cocktail club itself! 

Next to gaining a reputation via word-of-mouth, many visitors to De Baron have helped give visibility – with selfie snaps/photos of cocktails causing interest and intrigue! - and there is a strong following on the club’s social media platforms too. They are also currently number one for nightlife in Maastricht on TripAdvisor!

This is all supported by the music at De Baron which is an integral part of the entire experience - you will be treated to some top-class DJ’s, musicians, or the club’s very only playlist - which is also available on Spotify.

Gramophone, lighting and tea light holders at De Baron cocktail club on the Vrijthof in Maastricht Tracey Taylor

From pop-up to permanent

Although the cocktail club scene is still establishing itself in Maastricht, De Baron already has eyes firmly fixed on the future.

A dream of ours is for De Baron to gain further recognition as we move forward, and be included in the Top 100 cocktail clubs of Europe!

• Daniel

Having started out as a humble pop-up location, De Baron Cocktail Club has now become a permanent fixture in Maastricht and is here to stay… the team will continue to remain focused on delivering a top-class experience with a high-quality service each and every time.

And based on their journey so far and the genuine passion that Daniel and his team have for the business, it looks like they are set to create their very own piece of history in the heart of the city… “the Baron” would be so proud!

De Baron

Vrijthof 366211 LE Maastricht
T +31 43 321 2887
Wed + Thur: 17:00-00:00
Fri + Sat: 17:00-01:00

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Tracey Taylor lives in Maastricht with Dave and their cat, Little Tubbs. Tracey is Irish, an aspiring photographer and a writer and blogger. She also sings in a local choir. @traceytaylor_nl | @ littletubbs_thecat | @taylormade_nl