Conflict in avondwinkel resulted in stabbing at ENCI-groeve

An escalated conflict between 2 groups of youths with Syrian backgrounds appears to be the cause of the stabbing that took place at the ENCI-groeve on 29 April, reports provincial newspaper De Limburger after talking to those involved.

According to the newspaper, the cause of the conflict arose in a Maastricht avondwinkel (after hours convenience shop) where 1 of the 4 suspects works. There, he was bothered by a group of boys when he asked them to leave the shop. Eventually, the owner of the avondwinkel evicted the group. The conflict was then to be 'resolved' at the ENCI-groeve.

A police spokesperson did not elaborate on the nationalities of victims and suspects, but it is known that the 4 suspects are no longer under arrest.