Billion-dollar company Mollie opens office in Maastricht

Today was the official opening of a new office of payment service provider Mollie, a billion-dollar company with Dutch origins, in the Sphinxkwartier. The company enables payments with iDEAL or PayPal, for example, for online shops, or helps companies manage their finances. 

The now 20-year-old company previously had a single branch in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, but is expanding to Maastricht this year. The main reason Ken Serdons, Commercial Director, gives for this is the large international character of Maastricht University, with which the payment service provider maintains a partnership. Serdons hopes the company will attract new employees from the city and region, and they will then grow within the company. In this way, they want to ensure that talent is retained in their own region, rather than moving towards the Randstad or outside the Netherlands.

The Randstad (with upper case R) refers to the group of of cities in the north-western part of the Netherlands, that forms a geographical circle with Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague as its main centres.

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