A different way to thank Maastricht's Zwerfinators

Maastricht now has quite a few Zwerfinators, people who, like real terminators, fight against litter by collecting and disposing of it in their own neighbourhood. To thank them, last weekend Gemeente Maastricht and the Centrum voor Natuur- en Milieu Educatie (CNME), which supports the volunteers, organised a morning where everyone could meet.

In the building on Drabbelstraat, groups of Zwerfinators sit together at tables. Their nickname is derived from the Terminator in the film of the same name, who makes short work of everything he encounters. The Zwerfinators may stick to litter, but they are often no less fanatical. They are the people who support the stadsbeheer (city management) by tackling litter in their own neighbourhood or nature area on a monthly or even weekly basis. Normally, they get a "thank you" for it every year in the form of a gift. However, this time, Gemeente Maastricht and the CNME, which helps the volunteers with their activities, came up with something different: a meeting with presentations and discussion rounds, ending with lunch in the garden.

Would you like to join the army of Zwerfinators cleaning up Maastricht's streets and nature areas? Contact CNME to find out more.