A funeral-themed protest against the closure of the Landbouwbelang

The final blow to cultural Maastricht: this is what supporters of the Landbouwbelang are calling the imminent closure of the free space cultural incubator. The gemeente – owner of the land – wants to sell the place for €18 million. A decision on the reallocation – including housing – will follow soon.

For Landbouwbelang supporters, it was reason enough to hold a funeral-style protest last weekend. People gathered on the grounds of the site and a procession of people dressed in black carried a coffin with them, heading towards Mosae Forum, where several passionate speeches were made. 

Soon, the gemeente will announce which party can call itself the new owner of the land on which the Landbouwbelang stands. The area is seen as a AAA site, an area with the highest foot traffic, and greatest potential for commercial activities. Housing is also part of the plans.

A new site for the Landbouwbelang's current residents and activities is not yet known.