80 student houses on Randwyck campus vacant

As reported by provincial public broadcaster 1Limburg, due to a miscalculation by Maastricht University, 80 student houses in Randwyck are empty. The University expected to have to accommodate more students, but in the end it turned out that a wrong estimate was made.

Maurice Evers of Maastricht Housing, the official housing agency for Universiteit Maastricht, Hogeschool Zuyd and the Jan van Eyck Academie, says that housing applications do not always turn out to be fulfilled registrations, which is why it is difficult to estimate how many houses are needed. Evers goes on to say that this estimate led to 600 container homes being added last year because the University expected the student population to grow by 6 per cent and later 3 per cent. The dwellings are expected to be temporarily vacant. In September, when new students start the school year, the 'units' will be filled again.