50 Ukrainian asylum seekers to be accommodated on Sint Maartenslaan

Maastricht will host an additional 50 Ukrainian refugees over the next 4 months. These people will be given a place in the Townhouse Apartments on Sint Maartenslaan in Wyck (east central Maastricht).

A total of 13 flats will be reserved for the asylum seekers.

Relocation to Overmaze
On 1 March, they will move to the former Overmaze prison, which is already hosting refugees. In Overmaze, preparations are currently being made to create space for 50 more people.

The reception of these 50 people responds to Staatssecretaris Eric van der Burg's call to free up 200 extra places in each region to receive people fleeing from Ukraine. This addition brings the number of Ukrainian refugees in Maastricht to 450.

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