Are you dissatisfied with RTV Maastricht's reporting? Or do you think that the publication or provision of certain material infringes any right you are entitled to or violates your (privacy) interests? Or do you just want to ask something? If so, please let us know.

We will always try to contact you within 5 working days. Action taken will always be reported back to the complainant.

To properly resolve a complaint, it is essential that all data surrounding the complaint is recorded correctly. We use this information to improve our (programme) offer and operations. In view of the GDPR legislation, personal data is only kept for as long as the complaint is pending. In a number of cases, a complaint can be remedied fairly quickly. For example, correcting a typing error or incompleteness in a news item. When such a complaint is received, we will carry out the correction and you will receive confirmation of this. If the resolution or answer takes longer than 5 working days, the we will in any case send a confirmation of receipt.

There should be an investigation into how the circumstance to which the complaint relates could have arisen. A ruling must also be given on whether the complaint is valid. In some cases, it is conceivable that it concerns a journalistic and/or creative choice that does not reflect your preferences. When giving feedback, we will explain our decision to you.

If your complaint is valid, we will make every effort to take a corrective measure, or at least a preventive measure to avoid repetition. We will of course inform you even if no corrective or preventive measure can be taken.